How Many Stamps Do I Need?

Postage stamps have nearly become extinct as our world is transitioning into a computerized mess. If you were born past the year 2000, you probably don’t even know what a stamp is.

With the most important messages or content being shared via the internet, it’s more common to see the younger generation being taught how to write out the best subject line in an email. Not how to address the letter they are mailing out.  It makes sense why email, text messaging, phone calls, and even ads are more popular ways of communicating with an individual or group. It’s plain faster and is becoming more efficient. But certain documents, notices, and memos are still sent in the plain, old regular mail and people need to be informed still on how to use the postal system. So where does someone even learn all about stamps? Right here!

The guide we have put together will be the go to source for all the questions one might have about postage stamps.

History Of Postage Stamps

The postage stamp was created in the 1800’s, yes a very long time ago, for various reasons. The postage stamp is what governments use to impose regulations and taxes, to ensure proper delivery and handling of the mail, and to track, keep dated records, and make sure every piece of mail has made it to its final destination. The postage stamp is very important as it’s something that keeps a line of communication running smoothly and efficiently. Without a stamp, the government and post office wouldn’t be able to process and deliver our mail.

How To Know If A Stamp Is Real?

You can know that you are looking at a stamp, and not just a sticker because a postage stamp possesses certain qualities. A stamp has the name of the nation marked on it and some type of special symbol representing the origin of the stamp. This can be a famous or heroic person, an important event in history, holidays, or just scenery. If someone even wanted to, they would be able to personalize their own stamps. People like to do this to personalize mail they are sending for holidays, events like a wedding, or just to be a little extra fancy. It adds a nice touch to have a personalized stamp on a letter you get in the mailbox. Though you shouldn’t just be captivated by the image on the postage stamp. You have to be aware of the different types of postage stamps you might need. This would be determined by the dimension, weight, and height of the item being mailed.

How Many Stamps Do I Need?

So we know what a stamp looks like, how many there are, and what kind of stamp you need for a specific item you are shipping off. But how many do you need? We got the answer to that too. Like mentioned before, the number of stamps you will need is determined by dimension, weight, and height. Here is an idea of the dimensions and how many stamps you should be using to make sure your mail doesn’t get returned to you for insufficient postage.

Standard Letter: For a standard letter in the mail, placing one Forever Stamp in the top right corner will do. This is enough for sending mail within the United States.

Small Package: If a package weighs less than 12 ounces, you will be able to use a regular postage stamp. It is important to weigh the item you are mailing to be aware of how many stamps should be placed on the packaging. On average, the first 3 ounces cost about $2.66.

9×12 Envelope: Envelopes come in all sizes. Postal services accept an envelope that is 9 by 12. This is standard. If mailing something in a larger envelope, the cost is normally around $1.00 (this is applicable for the first ounce) and then an additional $0.21(for all additional ounces).

Large Envelope: For a large sized envelope (these are one ounce), you will need Two Forever stamps. These are normally priced around $0.50 each. Again, each additional ounce is an additional $0.21. Large envelopes can be used to mail forms, magazines, photos, etc.

For a USPS Postage: The United States Postal Service (USPS) is in charge of the mailing of letters and packages. A USPS postage stamp has various prices, but the minimum charge for a USPS postage stamp is $0.5p for 1oz.

Manila Envelope: A manila envelope is very big. When using a manila envelope, the average rate is $1.00 for the first ounce. Again, each additional ounce is an additional $0.21. To make sure your mail is delivered and arrives at its destination, you will need to ensure you use two forever stamps.

International Mail: The Global Forever stamp will be used to mail postcards. To mail anything internationally, a 1oz letter will also need a Global Forever stamp. You can find these stamps really anywhere from the post office, grocery store, and drug store. The Global Forever stamp can be purchased at $1.15. for each. You need to determine the dimensions of what you are mailing to determine how many stamps you will be needing.

Per Ounce: The first ounce there is 1 stamp needed. For additional ounces, a $0.15 “ounce stamp” is available although most people won’t go through the mess of getting these special single ounce stamps and it’s totally fine to overpay with an additional regular stamp to cover the extra ounce or two. The weight the postal system uses to measure letters and packages is by the ounce. If you know the weight of your letter and/or package, you will be able to determine how many stamps you will need to use.


Now that we’ve got all that information out of the way, you should have a better idea of the whole get-go of a stamp. It’s important to know the importance of a postage stamp to ensure your mail is going to be properly delivered. If not, you risk your mail getting lost or your mail being returned to you. It’s so simple- putting on a stamp on a piece of mail and sending it off- but also seemingly easy to mess up. Just remember, know the dimensions of your mail (what’s the weight of this thing?) and refer to this guide to see how many postage stamps you’ll need to use.

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