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where to buy stamps

Where To Buy Stamps Near Me – A Guide On Places That Sell Stamps

Looking where to buy stamps? Maybe you need to mail something but the usual place you buy stamps from is closed? Maybe you don’t want to wait in the dreadfully long line at your local post office. Whatever the reason is, there are many other stores that sell stamps near you, unless you live in the middle of nowhere. All of the places and stores listed below should carry any type of stamp you are looking for such as single stamps, international stamps, and booklets or rolls of stamps.

Read on below to find out where you can purchase stamps so you can finally mail that postcard or envelope you’ve been waiting to send.

In A Rush To Buy Stamps?

Stamps can be purchased at any USPS location natinwide, as well as most reputable banks, grocery stores, gas stations, bookstores, office supply stores such as OfficeDepot, and many other big box retail stores.

Below are the best places to buy stamps, if one of these vendors is not near you then you probably do live in the middle of nowhere.

1 – The United States Postal Service Store (USPS)

Inside the usps store
Inside the USPS Store

This one should speak for itself with over 30,000 store locations nationwide, USPS is the largest seller of stamps and postage in-store and online in the entire USA. If you are not located near a United States Postal Service store, then you are not in America. To order stamps online, simply head over to USPS.com and purchase as many stamps as you would like.

USPS was the nation’s first country-wide mail service that offered the first stamp on March 3rd, 1847 for a whopping 5 cents! That may not seem expensive in today’s world, but with inflation that would equal around $1.67 per stamp in today’s economy.

2 – Your Local Pharmacy

Pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, etc. all carry and sell stamps to the public. They do not have a limit on how many stamps you can purchase so go ahead and stop by any local pharmacy to take care of your postage needs. Note that pharmacies do not sell postage to ship packages, to ship a package or envelope over 15.9 ounces you will need to stop by your local post office to purchase shipping for it. CVS has over 9,000 locations nationwide so it should not be a long drive to find your nearest CVS.

3 – Bookstores

Places to buy forever stamps
Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Although bookstores seem to be a dying industry in modern life due to the recent boom in technology, there is one that is still standing strong and doesn’t plan on closing anytime soon, Barnes & Noble.

Surprisingly they sell much more than just books at stores like Barnes & Noble, and they are great spots to purchase stamps without a long wait. So go ahead, get out your old bike that has been sitting for years and take a ride on over to the bookstore to grab a new book and some stamps to send out that lovely postcard.

4 – Gas Stations

gas station that sells stamps

This one may be surprising for many people, but yes – many gas stations actually sell stamps. Be careful as many gas station owners will try to overcharge you for stamps. Gas stations are usually in business to make as much profit as they can on cheaper items, but if you only need to buy a single stamp, it should be that big of a deal to shell out a little more money to send your postcard or package across the country.

One big perk of gas stations selling stamps is the fact that many are open very late or even 24 hours! This is probably your best option if you are looking for a place to buy stamps at night. Remember that not all gas stations and convenience stores sell stamps and they are not legally obligated to, so you may have to make a few stops before you find a gas station that can assist you with your postage needs.

5 – Banks

buy stamps near me

As silly as it may sound, most reputable banks actually sell stamps. They are not in it to make a profit but they sell stamps rather for a convenience to their customers. You go in to make a deposit and a little thought pops in your mind “oh I just remembered I need to buy stamps today” and boom, the bank has you covered and you get on with your day thinking about how convenient your bank is for carrying stamps. It really is the little things in life that make us happy.

A downside to buying stamps from a bank is their skimpy short business hours. Most banks are even closed most of the weekend making it not a very convenient place to buy stamps on the weekend. On top of the scarce hours, banks typically have longer waiting times then say your local pharmacy or gas station that sells stamps, making it an inconvenient place to buy postage if you are in a rush.

6 – Grocery Stores

grocery store stamps

Most chain grocery stores such as Publix, Albertsons, Walmart, Winn-Dixie, etc. are all known to sell stamps. They all sell stamps in either a book of 20 or single stamps by themselves. Grocery stores typically do not have long wait times because there are typically multiple cashiers on the floor at any given moment.

Grocery stores are one of the best places to buy single stamps because they do not have credit or debit card minimums. This means that if you only need to buy 1 stamp you will not be charged an extra card processing fee like some gas stations will if your total purchase is under a certain amount.

7- The UPS Store

If your question is “does ups sell stamps”, the answer is yes. Although they are a competitor of USPS, they proudly sell stamps that you can use to mail postcards and envelopes. UPS does not have a stamp system like USPS does so it makes sense that they do not have an issue selling their top competitors postage to make a little extra profit.

An advantage of UPS selling stamps is the fact that almost all UPS locations are open later than USPS. So if your local post office is closed head on over to your nearest UPS store to pick up the stamps you have been trying to get.

8 – Office Supply Stores

It’s no surprise that office supply stores like staples or office depot sell postage stamps. They carry almost everything else needed to ship anything as well such as boxes, tape, letters, envelopes, padded envelopes, manilla envelopes, etc. Stores like these are good because there is almost always a location near, and they have everything you need from packaging to postage.

Chain office supply stores have many locations across the country which makes it very easy to purchase stamps. Like many of the other recommendations on this list, they also typically have short checkout times making your stamp purchase quick and easy to buy one stamp of one thousand stamps.

9 – Big Box Retailers

Big box stores like Walmart and Target sell postage stamps quickly and conveniently. Each of the chains has thousands of locations nationwide so I doubt there isn’t a store location near you. If you are having trouble finding stamps in a giant store like Walmart, simply ask any of the employees working and they should be able to guide you to where the stamps are sold in the store. Some stores sell the postage stamps at the customer service desk but it is always easier to just ask instead of walking laps around the store.

Not knowing where to buy stamps can turn out to be a nightmare if you need to send a critical letter or even maybe mail a prescription to someone across the country. If you are on vacation you may not be familiar with the town that you are in so it is always good to keep a list in the back of your head of the many places where you can buy stamps from.

Don’t forget to note what time of the day it is when you are wondering where to buy stamps as some of the stores listed above have short business hours and may be closed by the time you get there.

Frequently Asked Questions About Stamps

Stamps can be a little confusing to some, I mean after all, it does seem like you are spending money to buy a miniature sticky piece of paper with a couple of numbers on it. Below are a few common questions about how to use stamps, what stamp do you need, and other places to buy stamps.

How Many Stamps Do I Need?

This question does not have a single answer because the number of stamps needed to send something can vary depending on the size and weight of the envelope or letter that you are trying to send. Below are some of the common envelopes and postcard stamp requirements.

Standard postcard or envelope up to 1 oz: One (1) stamp is required to send this anywhere in the country. For each additional ounce your envelope weighs, add $0.21 in stamps, up to 3.5 ounces total.

Oversized postcard or envelope up to 1 oz: Two (2) stamps are required to mail a legal-sized envelope anywhere in the country. Remember to add $0.21 in postage for each extra ounce that your envelope weighs, if not your mailed letter could be returned to you due to lack of postage.

Packages weighing 12 ounces or under: USPS accepts the use of stamps on packages or boxes that weigh a maximum of 12 ounces. To calculate how many stamps are needed to ship a package can be a bit tricky because many factors such as size, weight, and destination will fluctuate the final postage price to send your package. Please refer to the USPS Postage Price Calculator to get the exact number of stamps needed to mail your package.

Can You Buy Stamps In Bulk To Save Money?

The simple answer to this question is no, you cannot buy stamps in bulk for a cheaper price than the current price of a stamp. The only way to get stamps cheaper would be if you become an authorized retailer to sell stamps for USPS. This can be very hard to achieve which is why many gas stations will sell stamps at a higher price because they need to make a profit as they are paying the same price that you would from your local post office.

Do Stamps Expire?

In a short answer, no stamps do not expire. Although, if the stamp has a dollar value printed on it, the stamp is only worth up to that amount. This means that if the stamp has $0.44 printed on it and the current price of a stamp is $0.55, you will need to top this off with another stamp that adds up to at least the price of the current stamp price on that day. The only kind of stamp that does not expire is a forever stamp. Forever stamps do not have a monetary value printed on them, they are fitted with the word “forever” which you guessed it… means that they are good forever.

What Is A Forever Stamp?

Simply put, a forever stamp is a stamp that has no value printed on it and it does not have an expiration date. It is good for as long as you own it. Take note that if a stamp fades out of gets damaged, it may be rejected by a postmaster and returned to you as invalid postage.

Is Buying Stamps To Resell A Good Idea?

If you think about it, you could invest in buying lots of forever stamps if you have the money available to set aside for many years to come. Let’s do some quick math on buying and selling forever stamps.

Let’s say you buy 10,000 stamps at a price of $0.44 each, you would need to invest $4,400 to make this purchase. Now you hold onto these forever stamps for 10 years and let’s say the national price of a stamp is now at $0.88 each. That is now $8,800 that your stamps are worth, you’d have doubled your money and would have made a 100% return on that investment over a period of 10 years. A 10% a year return is not the worst but nothing to brag about as well, plus nobody can exactly predict how much stamp prices will rise in the near future which makes buying and selling forever stamps a very risky investment. Our recommendation is to invest your money elsewhere.

Does CVS Sell Stamps?

Yes, CVS pharmacy does sell stamps. This is a very convenient place to purchase stamps since they have tons of locations all across the country and many are even open 24 hours a day. It is always best to give your local CVS a call before you go in just to make sure that they do have stamps in stock at the moment as we have seen horror stories or CVS locations being completely sold out of stamps!

Does Walmart Sell Stamps?

Yes, the super-giant retailer Walmart does sell stamps to the public in either a book of stamps or single stamps. Try to go in at a normal business hour since some Walmart locations only sell the stamps at their customer service desks which are not open 24 hours like many of the stores are.


Now that we have listed many places where to buy stamps, you should not have an issue next time you are running around searching for somewhere to be open. If you are in dire need to buy stamps at night, the gas station is your best bet. If you’re looking to buy stamps without waiting in line, we recommend ordering stamps online or stopping by your local office supply store as these options have short or no waiting times at all. Remember to always protect your stamps as they can become invalid if damaged or faded.

Here at Liberty Stamps, we are happy to assist you with all of your postage needs, be sure to check out our guides relating to shipping and mailing.

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